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Project week in Lincoln 2012

lincoln_2012-Witham-Academy-gruppenfoto_thThis year, from 24th to 31st March, a small group of students from the 4th and 5th classes of the HOB Bruneck went to Lincoln (GB).


We left on Saturday, 24 March at 4 o’clock in the morning. We all were very tired and so our journey began very calmly. When we arrived at Verona Airport we had to wait until about half past 8 for our flight. Some of us were very excited because it was their first flight ever. It was amazing when finally the airplane took us up to the skies and we could see the clouds below our feet, looking like a carpet of big white cotton balls.



About noon we landed at London Gatwick Airport. We were surprised that there someone was already waiting for us. It was the bus driver who took us to our accommodation. After four hours’ drive we finally arrived at our destination, the boarding house of the Priory LSST. We were expected by Ms Laura Rudd and Mr J. Wiles, the assistant headmaster of the school. Full of expectation we hurried up to get into our rooms and to explore the new surroundings. Everyone had a single bedroom but every evening we met in the common room, where we had a lot of fun.


The next day we began our program with a tour of the city. We saw a lot of interesting buildings and enjoyed the beautiful weather, which didn’t change for the whole week. The next days we had an extensive program. Every morning we went to school. Mr Wiles showed us the Witham Academy and then we had the possibility to watch the drama group practising their play or to take part in a science lesson. In the meantime some of us had their hair washed and straightened or curled by the girls who were having their hairdressing lesson. On Tuesday we were divided into groups and could participate in the lessons of the very small children. They were really lovely, because they were very open and trusting and asked us to play with them and told us about their pets, friends and families.






lincoln_2012-Katja-F2_th lincoln_2012-mixed-treasure-hunt_th


On Wednesday we went to school at the Priory LSST with the pupils of year 12 and 13. It was very interesting to experience the school lessons as if we were regular students. The teachers saw our attendance as nothing special and we could try to do some exercises with the students. The next two days we spent one morning in the practice firm, were we had to make a business plan for a product which didn't exist and which we had to create ourselves, and one morning we did a treasure-haunt together with students of the Priory. We discovered that they didn’t know their city very well because they were unable to tell us the name of the river that flows through the city centre – we knew it!!


lincoln_2012-practice-firm_th lincoln_2012_business-plan_th


In the afternoons we visited Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Cathedral and the Guild Hall. Once in the evening we did a Ghost tour, which was more interesting for our teachers, but less for us, because we didn’t understand much of the stories the Ghost Walker told us ;-)…









This was one aspect of the trip to Lincoln. The other one was that we met a lot of new people, we had a lot of fun together and we discovered something new of the world. We saw a different lifestyle, a different countryside and we tried the famous English food which did not really convince all of us - but our teachers really enjoyed it…

The days went by very quickly and on Saturday at half past one in the morning, we began our journey back home. It was a great week and an unforgettable experience which we will certainly never forget!


lincoln_2012-tea-time_th lincoln_2012-waiting-for_th


Stephanie Seeber, class 5B


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