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Auer Katrin (4E), Boesso Luca (5E), Engl Jana (4A), Erlacher Florian (5B), Hainz Julia (4C), Kofler Gabriel (5B), Lanzinger Iris (4A), Lerchner Simone (4A), Mair Jasmin (4C), Marchetti Bruno (5B), Niederbacher Katharina (5B), Niederwolfsgruber Lukas (4D), Rainer Hanna (4A), Rainer Sandra (5E), Reichegger Lukas (4D), Sapelza Moritz Andrä (4E), Schmid Sophie (4B) and Walder Isabel (5C).

FCE students’ opinions:

I would like to inform you, that I have finally received my FCE results. Thanks to your help and the FCE preparation course I got level C1 Advanced!
Lukas R., 4D

The easiest part in the FCE exam was definitely the writing task. In the preparation course offered by our school we practiced various writing exercises and therefore we were able to receive a good grade. In addition, the speaking part wasn't that difficult either. In contrast, the "Reading and Use of English" paper was quite challenging for us. We would recommend doing the exam to those who would like to have a personal challenge and to those who want to improve their English skills. We enjoyed the preparation course at school very much and without it we wouldn't have passed the exam. We had the possibility to learn a lot of new things on Mondays and we had a lot of fun!
Jasmin & Julia, 4C

After attending the preparation course for the FCE exam at our school, I was able to pass the exam without any further preparation. For me, the easiest part of the exam was the speaking, because the atmosphere was very pleasant and my partner, who was also a student of our school, was at the same level as me. The examiner was also very nice. The most difficult part for me was the listening, because the topic was a bit challenging. I would definitely recommend taking the exam, because after graduating from high school you should have a B2 level of English. I would also recommend attending the preparation course at our school, which was well-organized and very useful. The FCE-exam in Bozen was also well-organized and the exam procedure was explained in a comprehensive way. It was a bit inconvenient though that the speaking exam was in another building.
Sandra, 5E

The easiest part for me was the writing because in the FCE preparation course we learned a lot of connectives to structure a text. The speaking part was also quite easy, although I was a little nervous. The most challenging paper was “Reading and Use of English” because I had to know a lot of new grammar and vocabulary that we haven’t covered at school yet. I would recommend doing the exam, because it was a nice experience, and I had the opportunity to improve my English. I think that the certificate is also very useful for my future life.
Simone, 4A

Do you also want to boost your cv? You’ll get further information about the FCE preparation course 2022-2023 in September.


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